Photography by Greg Frozley

About Me

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Thank you for your interest in my work. I have been an ambitious amateur photographer for ten years, specializing in fine landscape and nightscape work primarily around Colorado, the American Southwest, and the Pacific Coast. I love being outside, exploring, and the never-ending challenge of trying to bring back home with me a bit of what I experienced outside in nature.

Though my passion for the mountains preceded my passion for photography, I've found that photography provides the motivation to explore places I might not usually hike to – in weather I might not hike in – at times of day that I might usually rather be sleeping. The result is that my photography takes me to some amazing places that I might not witness otherwise. I make most of my photographs in backcountry areas, usually hiking for many miles to explore places where few trails exist. For me the joy of photography is intertwined with the joy of immersing myself in nature, and the challenges of photography are inseparable from the challenges of traveling through the mountains on my own two feet.

Originally from Michigan, I have spent the past 35 years in Colorado, nine of them in Summit County. I currently live in Colorado Springs, and am very fortunate to have an amazing wife and 11  yr-old son.

If you like an image and would like a copy for yourself, I would be happy to spend the time making that happen. / 719.439.9136